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Keychain Phone Charger

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Stay powered up with our stylish keychain phone charger! This ultra-compact mini battery pack is designed to provide your electronics with a temporary charge supply when you need it the most. Our 1500mAh Android Portable Charger Keychain Charger has an innovative Type-C port that allows for super fast charging, so you'll always be prepared in any situation. The sleek, eye-catching design of this charger will make sure that it stands out wherever you go -- even if it's attached to your keychain! Plus, you won't have to worry about the circuit on the interface being damaged due to the shrink interface design. No matter where you're headed, our Keychain Phone Charger will keep your electronics going strong. Get yours today and stay charged on the go!



Name: Keychain Phone Charger
Battery Type: Square Aluminum Case
Cell Type: Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
Shell Material: PP
Color: Black, Pink
Power Capacity: 1500ma
Size: 40*70*18mm/2*3*1inch
Conversion Rate: 80 (%)
Charging Power: 5W

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